1. Don’t have a printer and still want to mail a printed postcard?
It’s relatively easy at your neighborhood Staples, FedEx or UPS stores. The minimum order for a full color document on card stock is a whopping one page!

2. So, your printer’s not happy with card stock?
Feeling crafty? Got a glue stick?  Got tape?  Print on the copy paper you have, and repurpose an old post card, or that other thick paper you saved, but couldn’t remember why.

3. Where can I buy card stock?
Staples sells card stock in packages of 250. Feeling ambitious?  If you buy two packages and would like to send a postcard to every United States elected official, then who are we to discourage you! If you’d like a more manageable amount of card stock, Paper Source sells packages of 10.

4. What types of files can I upload?
The uploader will accept .jpg or .png files only. The maximum file size is 3 mb and landscape (horizontal) format only. Vertical images (selfies) will not work!.

5. Can I use my phone or mobile device?
Not at this time. Visit us from a desktop or laptop computer to create a postcard.

6. Are you collecting my personal information and photos?
No! Never! No Way! And Furthermore, No How! The We Are All Immigrants Postcard Project is only a tool to help you create and tell your coming to America story and to share it with your elected officials.  Not with us.